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Eyimofe Atake & Co. is a law firm based in Nigeria set up in 1987. Our principal fields of practice are Oil and Gas, Marine/Admiralty Law, International Trade Law, Finance and Litigation. Over the years we have established ourselves as one of the leading law firms in Nigeria in the area in which the firm specializes. Our firm has a strong team of lawyers backed by an efficient support team. That is why we promise on-the-spot practical advice with a 24 hour response to any crisis. We help our clients navigate through the stormiest of seas. Our uncompromising integrity, unquestionable loyalty and professionalism, have got many a client safely from the stormy Nigerian waters. We aim to give our clients assistance at a cost efficient level to avert any difficulties they may face while at the same time protecting their interests throughout their Operations in Nigeria.

Members of our firm are quiet experienced in negotiating on behalf of our clients, matters involving their operations both within and outside the country and have actively participated in both local and international legal seminars involving the latest developments of the law in our specialist areas. We have drawn up various agreements relating to our clients operations and have assisted our clients in consolidating various agreements relating to their operations. We also protect and defend our clients’ interests should their matters proceed to litigation.

The firm has invested substantially in up to date telecommunications and data processing equipment to facilitate information retrieval and legal research to the benefit of its clients.

Our offices are located in a prime area in Lagos (Victoria Island) and we enjoy proximity to the principal offices of major shipping companies, financial institutions and the major oil companies in Lagos, Nigeria.